It is what happens when you talk big

Try your hand at writing a short story, just let you mind unload. You could also start writing and ask someone to continue. See what you come up with.
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Zainab Yaqoob

It is what happens when you talk big

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“Please don’t go Darren. It’s not safe outside. Everything seems eerie and spooky,” Paul whispered with fear in his heart.
"You little boy! I am not scared of anything," Darren replied, making fun of Paul’s fear.
“Don’t talk so big,” Paul remarked.
Last winter, Darren visited his ancestral home with his friend, Paul, to overhaul the house’s splintered portions. It was turned into a rickety old cabin standing aloof in the lap of a dark and frightening forest. Years back, he returned from his university on vacation to visit his family; he found a vacant home. The fields were turned into the woods with the scent of death. The corpses of his family were left undiscovered and lost. He didn't know what had happened to them.
But their presence always haunted Darren.
The third time, Darren and Paul speculated someone outside their room’s window in the dead darkness. But when Darren peeped outside his window, there was no one. Paul asked him several times to stay inside, but Darren didn’t listen. And Darren stepped out to show his courageousness to inspect who was there outside their room.
Darren followed the smoke; it seemed like the woodland was full of wood nymphs. Something he was following seemed to chase him. Darren paused, turned himself, and looked back. Fear was injected into his body, but he showed no signs on his brows.
As he looked upward, something hair-raising and spine-chilling blinded his sight. The bloody hanging bodies were hanging upside down on the rough bark right above Darren’s head.
“M-Mom, D-Dad,” Darren fainted.
“This is what happens when you talk big,” Paul commented as Darren woke up the next day.
However, it was merely Darren’s illusion: he never returned to his ancestral house ever again.

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Interesting story. I can see that this story can continue.
Sounds like the beginning of a great book.

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Oh, God! That story is so terrifying. I like reading books, but I've never read horror fiction. But I want to appreciate the way everything is so descriptive only through the use of words that I was able to imagine everything clearly.

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