Twitter's Layoff's!

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Twitter's Layoff's!

Post by Hassan »

Why is Twitter also doing nothing? A significant number of contract workers discovered they were unexpectedly dismissed this weekend after they lost access to Slack and other work tools, according to internal talks among full-time Twitter employees.
The exact number has not yet been confirmed, however Platformer, which broke the news of the layoffs first, claimed that 4,400 of its 5,500 contract employees had been let go.

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Post by dogetrack »

The workers must have not actually been needed. They might have been simply a tax right off. It is something that big corporations do all the time. I'm sure Elon Musk spotted that and got rid of it before any more implications came about.
I feel that Musk got a very good deal on buying twitter, he knew that and now is cleaning that place up with a lice comb.

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Post by Martinsx »

It's not only Twitter that's doing that now, the same thing happened with Amazon not long ago. It's as if those big companies are going through a big phase which is directly affecting the lives of their workers who are unfortunate.

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